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commonroom ist ein Ort, um sich zu treffen, zu gestalten, voneinander zu lernen und die Leidenschaft für Keramik, Kunst und Design zu teilen. Wir betrachten unser Studio als ein kreatives Zentrum, wo sich Menschen in kreativer Atmosphäre treffen und eigenes Know-how miteinander teilen. In Commonroom gibt es viele Aktivitäten für alle Altersstufe!
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vor 4 Monate
mindfulness for parents and parent-to-be
Connect with other Parents and Parents-To-Be as we explore how to bring more mindfulness, calm and insight into our homes. Two 4-Part Mindfulness courses at the commonroom offer the opportunity to learn new skills, build emotional resilience (and hopefully patience!) while connecting with other parents/parents-to-be in a safe environment. Morning sessions are also available if the interest is there. This course costs 100 Euros for all 4 sessions. Session for Parents to Be/Parents: march 12: Introduction to Mindfulness march 19: Self-Management march 26: Self-Compassion april 2: Connection and Gratitude About me: I am a mother of 4 year old twins and a certified meditation instructor from Search Inside Yourself and the Nalanda Institute of Contemplative Science. I am also a playwright and former United Nations speechwriter. I welcome your questions, so please get in touch! Contact or please register in advance
vor 4 Monate
wunderwuzzi roboter workshop
The adorable Wunderwuzzi robots offer children a fun introduction to the fascinating world of robotics. They can be assembled without additional tools with the 3D printed plug-in system placed on a toothbrush head. A vibrating motor starts the robot when a coin battery is inserted. The robots will be decorated individually with colorful materials. Additionally cardboard racing circuits and labyrinths will be build together. Building Wunderwuzzi robots is fun!
vor 4 Monate
musical playground
Music is everywhere! “ We can find it in a room, we can play it with a spoon, we can make it with our bodies - or with a pink balloon! “ In the workshop series ‘PLAYING WITH MUSIC’ we will experiment with sounds and different instruments, experience the music through movement, explore a topic on all levels and make music to it. There will be songs, musical tasks and enough time to try out instruments and to improvise. The children can bring in their own ideas and act out their creativity. Our goal is to experience the joy and magic of making music together! Music teacher Laura Steiner has been teaching elementary music pedagogy in various institutions, in English and in German, as well as teaching piano and guitar. this workshop is 25€/child. we do %20 discount from the second child´s fee. Musik ist überall! “ We can find it in a room, we can play it with a spoon, we can make it with our bodies - or with a pink balloon! “ In der Workshop Reihe “MUSICAL PLAYGROUND” werden wir mit Klängen und verschiedenen Instrumenten experimentieren, uns zur Musik bewegen, ein Thema erforschen und dazu Musik machen. Wir werden Lieder singen und musikalische Aufgaben meistern. Dabei gibt es genug Zeit um Instrumente auszuprobieren und auch für einfache Improvisationen. Die Kinder können ihre eigenen Ideen einbringen und ihre Kreativität ausleben. Unser Ziel ist es, den Zauber und die Freude am gemeinsamen Musizieren zu erfahren! Musikpädagogin Laura Steiner kann auf jahrelange Erfahrung im Unterrichten von elementarer Musikpädagogik auf Deutsch und auf Englisch zurückblicken, sowie im Unterrichten von Klavier und Gitarre.