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Tango Argentino Fundamentals Intensive Course

Tango Argentino Fundamentals Intensive Course
Mittwoch, 17. Apr. 2024
Von 20:00 bis 22:00 Uhr
Haydngasse 1
1060 Wien
Can't wait to hit the dance floor? I won't lie to you: Tango Argentino isn't fast food. It takes time and perseverance to master it. Fortunately, time is relative. Someone who dances 1 hour per month in 10 years would count 120 hours in their tango trajectory. And 5 hours everyday during 6 months? That brings more than 900 hours in their track. The beauty of relativity ❤️ Let's take advantage of it and get you to learn the tango basics sooner than you imagine 🌟 This new intensive course will equip you with the skills we normally learn in 6 weekly classes, in just 3 weeks. "Dress me slowly that I'm hurried" a popular saying goes. We will advance in twice the speed without hurries. Dedicating the same detail and patience as always to your learning process, just in longer sessions (2h each, with a short break in the middle to keep it light). We had this format in the past and it worked wonderfully, so I'm very much looking forward to this new edition! Join us and get ready to hit the dance floor 🎉 🗓️ April 3, 10 & 17 (Wednesdays) from 20:00 to 22:00 📍 Haydngasse 1, 1060 Wien ✨ You're welcome with or without a dance partner. ✨ Learning both roles is welcomed and encouraged. ✨ No need of previous experience. If you already dance or took a pause in your tango path, it's a great opportunity to build a strong foundation and keep advancing on your journey. ✨ Your registration to any of my courses gives you access to a bonus time to practice for free between the Sunday classes (18:05 to 18:30), and to our prácticas on a pay as you wish basis (calendar on my Website). Looking forward to welcoming you in our dance community! Jessica Facebook, Instagram: Abrazatango

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