Workshop: Pierogi to Go

Freitag, 24. März 2017
Beginn: 19:00 Ende: 23:00
Erstellt von Kaeshmaesh
Cooking workshop with Bilal, Hana and Joanna @ Kaeshmaesh They will mix recipies from Lebanon, Slovakia and Poland, in order to create a unique Fatayerpierogi hybrid! Join them and learn how to prepare the filling. Roll the dough and close the dumplings in the most creative way you can. There is no participation fee, but donations are highly appreciated. Dumplings are like people. Or rather people are like dumplings. They are all around the world. Very famous in Eastern Europe: Polish pierogi, Slovakian pirohy, Russian pelemeni. Delicious in the Balkans and Turkey: Bosnian klepe, Turkish manti. Crucial in central Asia: Kazakh manti, Georgian khinkali, Mongolian buuz, Tibetan momo, Afghan mantu. Addictive in East Asia: Chinese jiaozi, Korean mandu, Japanese gyoza. Spicy in India, in Pakistan or Nepal: samosas. Present all around Latin America: empanadas. Dumplings have peacefully conquered the world! How could this happen? Let’s find it out together! Discover with us dumplings´ special power at our ‘Pierogi to go’ workshop session in Kaeshmaesh. Fall in love with pierogi fusions prepared by an international cooking team that mixes together all their homeland knowledge based on traditional grandmas´ recipes. Once convinced, you cannot live without pierogi anymore. ++++ Facebook Event: +++++

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