Sharefest for Refugees (by Kasia Gruszka & Jovana Jovanovic)

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Samstag, 03. Oktober 2015
Beginn: 09:30 Ende: 18:00
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That's right! We at Sharefest would love to support the refugees and actively join the amazing group of warm-hearted helpers! We're still working out the exact details for this fresh idea, but here is what we can already tell you: STUFF SHARE Got things that you don’t need? Come by and share them! Bring it to us, we'll deliver it the next day to those who need it. SKILL SHARE Would you like to help out with your knowledge and skills? Come by and learn how can you share that! We're working out the best ways to connect you with the right organizations for that. Follow us for updates...

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Avatar Kommentar von imGrätzl vor mehr als 3 Jahre
Hi Jasi, doch Platz ist zum Glück genug da. 😀 Bis dahin und liebe Grüße Michael
Avatar Kommentar von Stereoelfe vor mehr als 3 Jahre
Hej Ihr! Ich hab gestern aussortiert und hab UNMENGEN an Kleidung. Mäntel, Jacken, Schals, Handschuhe, Hauben, Tshirts, Kleider, Pullover und Westen. Ich hoffe ihr habt genug Platz! (: Alles Liebe und sonnige Grüße Jasi ...... Hej there! I've seperate yesterday and i have really much clothes! Coats, jackets, scarfs, gloves, bonnets, pullover, dresses, t-shirts, and zipper! I really hope you have enough space! All the best and sunny greetings Jasi