Celebrity Deathmatch | Céline Struger

Mittwoch, 11. Januar 2017
Beginn: 19:00 Ende: 11:00
Erstellt von Kaeshmaesh
+++CELEBRITY DEATHMATCH+++ Céline Struger @ KAESHMAESH Ausstellungsdauer: 11.1.2017 - 27.1.2017 Öffnungszeiten: MI + FR von 19.00-23.00 -the ultimate adversaries at the long-awaited showdown- -an endless collision demolition derby of conflicting experiences and materials- -threatening and provocative visions that are directly leading towards a black hole- -high vs. low – motion vs. standstill – silence vs. noise – rough vs. smooth – light vs. dark- -in a life and death struggle, which has never been seen since ancient times- face your fears and get ready to rumble! (Text by Reinhard Larcher & Agnes Rameder)

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