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Creative Waters Group Session

Creative Waters Group Session
Fr, 17. Juli 2020
Von 15:15 bis 18:15
therme wienOberlaa
Little drops of warm hearted moments of pleasure, creating joyful memories while exploring our creative potential. An invitation to an experiential journey with drops of meditation, waterdance, aquatic bodywork, creative writing or journaling. Please bring Swimsuit, towel, A bottle of water, pencil & paper (notebook and something to write ;-)) You can contribute your poem to the happy after session poetry project "creative waters" Limited space for 10 people, Entrance ca. 25 Euros Donations for Session starting 22 Euros. Registration till Thursday 11.00 morning!

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Marion  Brogyanyi
Mi, 08. Juli 2020, 13:05
get ready ^O^ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UhZEba0SWNs&fbclid=IwAR008hFhKB0cb2UGj-FJDcwa7UnJg965VlMH8mKdBETAe1XMFpmxUpWlVag