1 hour silence

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Montag, 23. Mai 2016
Beginn: 18:00 Ende: 19:00
Gleich ums Eck der Volksoper Wien und dem WUK
AvatarErstellt von Raum für Neues
meditation 1 hour Silence MONDAY 23.5.2016 18:00-19:00 To be silent after a long day, week or month of work is quite challenging, especially when there are still 100 things not done, not ready yet. There are ways to cross the barrier of noise to reach more silence in your life. On this evening we will practice one of the basic meditation technics from Hatha Yoga, the Omkar Sadhana technic, which is one of the keys to gain stability within yourself through being present. Please bring your meditation cushion. PRIECE: Donation Please register:

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