Expanding Presence - A coach & mentor professional development workshop

Sa, 02. Februar 2019
Von 14:00 bis 17:00
Markhof - Das Dorf in der StadtMarkhofgasse 19
1030 Wien
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An experiential learning workshop for people who coach, mentor & others who want to expand & grow the quality of their presence About this Event Event trailer As you walk into your coaching or mentoring space - how are you showing up? Do you deliberately change your state to be wholly present for your clients? And what if you could increase that presence? Even a tiny little bit more. In what ways will that create a shift in the experience and outcomes for the other person? Being aware of our presence is like adding another layer of paint to a picture: it adds a certain depth and richness to the quality of our work and as a compliment to the range of tools and experience you can draw on. So how do we grow and nurture this quality of being present in ourselves? There are a number of ways - at this second The Holding Space event we will focus on embodiment and ways we can increase our presence. Growing your presence through embodiment In this workshop, Daniela Razocher will take us through a number of physical exercises that support you in aligning your thinking, emotions and physical being for more presence. We will also practice in groups how our presence affects the space around us: We will be invited to ‘notice what we notice’ in each situation and how each is different depending on where we focus your attention. You will ‘notice what you notice’ about your energy levels before, during and after being in different states or levels of presence. You will have a chance to explore on how this feels within yourself and also experience what it feels like being on the receiving end as others change their levels of awareness, presence or intent. Care about Continuing Professional Development (CPD)? After completion of this workshop you will receive a certificate for 2.5 hrs of CPD. The competencies this workshop links to are here Your ticket includes Room rent, small facilitator fee, certificate of participation for CPD or credentialing, tea and nibbles on the day and admin charges. Any remaining income after all these things have been taken care of will go towards setting up our supporting website, open resources pages and growing our holding space community. We want to be inclusive. If finance is a theme for you please do get in touch at More about Daniela Daniela Razocher is a Qualified Practitioner of the Grinberg Method and has been teaching body-based awareness since 2012. She draws from a wide range of embodiment tools, guiding people into a state of increased self-awareness so they can use their attention, energy and individual strengths for their purposes in the present moment. Stay connected with the Holding Space For more information or any future events, join our growing Holding Space community of professionals who care about how they show up and their personal impact on the world. You can do that through our facebook page (holdingspace) or join our meetup (theholdingspace) community page. The Holding Space is a generative learning space for professionals to safely explore and learn new ways of being. This gives us more choices on ways to respond in depending on what the situation is calling for. It expands our capacity in subtle ways that are instantly recognisable to others.

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