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Certified Personal Face Yoga Trainer & Teaching Face Yoga Worldwide. - Helping You Look and Feel Younger with Face Yoga Wourkouts and other Rejuvenescent Techniques Services: Facial Workout Facial Massage Face Taping Face Cupping Holistic Approach Inner Work Step by step tutorials, individual support & customised plans for your face Bookings: 15 minutes Free Face Diagnose/ Consultation, book here: +436706567547 Face Yoga Classes: MOC Vienna - a Holistic Beauty Studio Kaiserstraße 40, 1070 Neubau, Austria (walk in)
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Hi Face Yogis! Welcome to our Forever Young Club! I am Katka Sedlak, a 37-year-old certified face yoga coach based in beautiful Vienna, Austria. Three years ago, I embarked on my face yoga journey. After completing an intensive 6-month face yoga certification course, I discovered the joy of helping women not only sculpt their external face appearance but also embrace holistic wellness. For my clients, I always take a look at their nutrition, mental mindset, and physical exercise to raise their overall vibrance. After all, true beauty radiates from within. My concept is to introduce Face Yoga and self-care to people here in Vienna, (and online). Therefore now, we are hosting face yoga classes every Wednesday at 18:30 in a Holistic Beauty Studio - MOC Vienna institute of aesthetics e.U. Kaiserstraße 40, 1070 Neubau, Austria! You all are invied! For online coaching and online workshops/classes, please contact me. Face Yoga and lymph massages offer numerous benefits, including natural facial rejuvenation and anti-aging effects. Some of the specific advantages include: - Strengthening facial contours - Reducing double chins - Lifting your cheek up - Smoothing wrinkles around the eyes, nose, and mouth - Reducing under-eye puffiness - Strengthening upper eyelids - Brightening and tightening the skin How I Can Help You Through My Classes, Workshops, and Programs: First, we schedule a - Free 15-Minute Zoom Face Diagnoses: Let's discuss your individual needs and concerns. - Inner Work: Addressing holistic wellness to complement external transformations. - Face Muscle Exercises: Tailored to your experience level with a time plan (beginner/advanced). - Face Massages, Lymphatic Massages: Learn techniques to address specific concerns, including sculptural buccal massage. - Face Cupping/Gua Sha Massage: Experience the benefits of silicone cupping tools. - Face Taping: Explore this technique to reduce your wrinkles overnight. - A proper Face Yoga Plan tailored for your face. #faceyogawien #Faceyogavienna #faceyogaustria #innerwork #guasha Get your free face diagnosis: www.faceyogisclub.com/general-5 linktr.ee/faceyogisclub www.instagram.com/faceyogis_club/ www.facebook.com/FaceYogisClub/ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6ghVL53m_fpny8Yrt0UhgA www.tiktok.com/katarinasedlakova ✆ +436706567547 faceyogisclub@gmail.com
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MOC Vienna institute of aesthetics e.U. Kaiserstraße 40, 1070 Neubau, Austria 06606001212
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