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Intimacy and Attraction WS/Non Linear Movement, bevorzugt Freitag Abende, 90/180 Minuten

Sound System, Raum/Umgebung müsste lautere Musik vertragen.
Über mich
The Intimacy and Attraction Workshop® is a set of techniques and exercises for inviting presence, connecting through the heart, and exploring the play of masculine and feminine for strong sexual attraction. This potent set of tools will enable you to accurately, cleanly, and powerfully explore the realms of sexual polarity and heartful connection in your own life and with others. The material serves as a means to radically deepen your personal understanding of your own journey, as well as furnish you with the tools to guide others. Non-Linear Movement Method® It smooths out the nervous system, identifies and processes emotions, awakens sexual energy and sensation, releases trauma patterns into flow, unites mind and body in intimacy with physical sensation, creates high bodily responsiveness and opens access to bodily wisdom.
  • 1010 – Innere Stadt
  • 1020 – Leopoldstadt
Frage / Kommentar an Alexandra Schmuck
Di, 31. März 2020, 14:42
Gerne bei uns, wenn wir wieder geöffnet haben :) Liebe Grüße und alles Gute! Susi