Cafe ImmiCo

Di, 31. März 2020
Von 09:30 bis 11:30
Next 'Get Together' is in March, Is only open to participants who have gone through the programLinke Wienzeile 246
1150 Wien
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Cafe ImmiCo
Cafe ImmiCo has a Rolling Start, where young Migrant owned Businesses can start the program any time. Cafe ImmiCo is an Acceleration Program which helps young (1-3 year old) Migrant owned businesses, overcome issues which are commonly faced when the business starts its operations. It is not a Pre - Operation Help or a Company Foundation Program. But rather, a post foundation structured support for the newly established / registered Businesses. Cafe ImmiCo helps, in the initial demanding period, businesses to stay on track. The projects aims to provide gratis support, worth €4000 per ImmiCos* by: (some conditions apply), solving first problems, help in project management, providing operation support & PR / marketing exposure Benefits for minority entrepreneurs • Twelve hours of free consulting service with a dedicated professional! • Support in operation and implementation, 5-20 hours per week • PR and marketing exposure

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