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citySTILLE – Mindfulness and Meditation Center Vienna citySTILLE is a concept that aims to increase well-being within big city landscapes - these settlements where complexity grows higher and VUCA World (Vulnerability, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity) attributes tend to affect here most, the human innate ability to be well. We aim to increase awareness on meditation and mindfulness as tools to cultivate moment by moment self-awareness and allow a natural unfolding of the potential to live and understand life in its best expression. citySTILLE is a Unique Mindfulness and Meditation Center established in May 2015 which developed the whole range of modern, science-based ‘secular contemplative practices’ for private and business. Our clients are business owners, busy employees and leaders who re-charge and re-balance anytime they need. citySTILLE is also the 1st Drop-in Modern & Business Meditation Studio in Europe. You can enjoy our offerings at your work, external locations or at our Unique Mindfulness and Meditation Studio in the 2nd district, at Karmelitermarkt: - Drop-in Classes for Meditation & Mindfulness Practice (08:00-17:00) - Courses, Workshops, Retreats and Informal Events (18:00-21:00) - Individual and Corporate Offerings (Training, Coaching, Key-notes) Begin your well-being journey with one of our offerings at citySTILLE – an oasis where you can start with cultivating your innate capacity of mind to be present. --------------------------------------------------------------- citySTILLE – Mindfulness and Meditation Center Vienna
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