The Phallus Project The Phallus Project

The Phallus Project

A gift hard to resist!

Penis casting/replicas & penis plastic art I create different penis plastic art pieces with different materials such as clay, plaster and silicone. Among my creations I offer decorated pencils, ornaments for interiors and accessoires. My stelar products are penis castings/replicas, which are offered in different materials and colors; they make one of the most original gifts for oneself or any special person.
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Wie bist du zu deinem Thema oder deiner Tätigkeit gekommen?
Inspired by touching and important movements on self love, empowerment and body positivity, aligned with sex positive I started this initiative to allow other to have a look at the diversity of bodies out there in a fun and approachable way.
Was/wo ist dein liebster Ort bei dir ums Eck und warum?
A Balkan bakery that has open 7 days a week, a lifesaver!
  • pencil
  • decoration
  • lgbt
  • body positivity
  • penis
  • replica
  • casting
  • sculpture
  • clay

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