Creative mess_Play with Paint!

Mo, 17. Juli 2017
Von 10:00 bis 17:00
BLATT und PINSELFlorianigasse 54
1080 Wien
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For all babies and children in the age from 10 months to 10 years with their friends, brothers and sisters, neighbour‘s kids, for their mums, dads and other relatives! To create experiences with all senses is as important for the development of our kids as the free space itself in which to gain that experiences. For this reason our studio provides huge sheets of paper on tables, on the walls and on the ground as well, home cooked paint and home made plasticine on basis of comestible goods, uncommon tools which are quite easy to handle and which are haptically as different as appealing to young artists. The structure of the workshop itself is quite close to messy play: All the sheets of paper are waiting for getting painted not only with the different kinds of tools which allow to paint, stamp, brush, scratch, drizzle, roll, tap (and much more!) but also to get painted with hands, feet and sometimes even with full body effort! ;) This open structure of the workshop – and that’s the main point - enables the opportunity to play, explore and to experiment with the tools and with the paint itself, leading to a conversational interaction between kids and adults likewise in which they both could learn from each other as well as to develop their first creative techiques as a sideline. The adults are invited to support their children in the process of the workshop, to stimulate them as well as to engage themselves into interaction with the kids and other adults. For them, the open space in the studio is a precious time in their busy everyday lives to relax and to experience a mindful time together with their kids. We work in small groups of 6 kids and their parents at the maximum as this guarantees the space and the quality which is needed for processes like these. Please bring clothes with you which can get stained with colour – for you and your children - as this can’t be avoided during the workshop and it also allows a productive, colourful time in the open space of our studio! All our paint is completely washable without leaving any stains. workshop fee: 1 child + 1 adult…………… 25€/unit inkl. materials & coffee/tea (15€/unit with the commonroom kids pass) workshops can be booked seperately and will be conducted in english and in german language! the workshop starts at hourly intervals. For more information and to sign up: https://www.commonroom.at/workshops/creative-mess-play-with-paint/ or office@blattundpinsel.at

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